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dr strangelove or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb more commonly known simply as dr strangelove is a 1964 political satire black comedy film that satirizes the cold war fears of a nuclear conflict between the soviet union and the united states.

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What do businesses need today a new way of thinking that opens a door they didnt even know existed a way of thinking that seeks a solution to an intractable problem through unorthodox methods or elements that would normally be ignored by logical thinking.

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shakespeares unorthodox biography explodes the traditional attribution of the authorship of shakespeares plays it proves that william shakespeare from stratford unlike his literary contemporaries left no contemporaneous evidence that he was a writer by profession he was a theatrical entrepreneur and sharp businessman.

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This presentation ultra microscopes and cure rays focuses on the work of dr royal raymond rife but it also includes the work of four other men and discusses other necessary and complementary cure methods that are required for a truly holistic therapy program.

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Training day is a 2001 crime thriller that follows jake hoyt ethan hawke a rookie lapd officer who is eager to begin his first day in an elite vice unit headed up by alonzo harris denzel washington a charismatic detective who has unorthodox methods of solving cases.

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William bradford shockley jr february 13 1910 august 12 1989 was an american physicist and inventor shockley was the manager of a research group at bell labs that included john bardeen and walter brattain.

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Rash ointment cmm healing ointment this is an antiseptic to be used on lesions eczema dry poison ivy and poison oak soothes inflamed surfaces abrasions burns and sunburns hemorrhoids blood poisoning cancer for bruises and.

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dr shigeaki hinohara from japan turned 104 recently one of the worlds longestserving physicians and educators hinoharas magic touch is legendary since 1941 he has been healing patients at st lukes international hospital in tokyo and teaching at st lukes college of nursing he has.

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Compare the quiet ones true story vs the movie learn about the philip experiment and meet the real professor dr arg owen.

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